TC Electronics – Wiretap Riff Recorder


8-hour Riff Recorder with Transport Controls

The TC Electronic WireTap pedal makes it easier than ever to capture a song idea while you’re riffing, gigging, or jamming. You can play back ideas through your amp to craft parts on top live like a looper. Or you can export ideas via Bluetooth to the free WireTap app and store them for safe keeping or share with fans and friends. You can also take the opportunity to re-amp parts through an amp/amp simulator and create your own multi-track masterpieces. The TC Electronic WireTap records one idea at a time and stores up to 8 hours of uncompressed 24-bit audio.

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Compact size, true bypass switching

The pint-sized TC Electronic WireTap is ultra compact and boasts true bypass switching, making it an utterly unobtrusive part of your pedalboard. Imagine the power of being able to capture the energy of a complete live set, before or after all your pedals (including your looper), and reviewing your work later or overdubbing over it. And imagine the convenience of capturing a full song and playing it back live in front of your bandmates. Heck, you could even record an entire set’s worth of accompaniment and perform over yourself. Guitar and bass players love our TC Electronic pedals and look forward to experimenting with the WireTap on the road.

TC Electronic WireTap Riff Recorder Pedal Features:

  • Captures 8 hours of uncompressed 24-bit audio
  • Fun to use, easy to operate
  • Transport controls cycle through ideas live
  • Works great after a looper
  • True bypass switching won’t color your tone
  • Compact size fits on virtually any pedalboard
  • Undo function reduces idea pollution
  • Exports ideas wirelessly over Bluetooth to the free WireTap app
  • Select and play back riffs via the app
  • Output riffs to a computer via USB
  • Name, trim, and share riffs via the app
  • Designed and engineered in Sweden


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