EarthQuaker Devices The Warden Optical Compressor Pedal


The Warden keeps your dynamics in line. But it does so in eminently musical fashion. This EarthQuaker Devices’ optical compressor pedal sports classic feedback-style circuitry and a feature set you’d expect to find on studio compressors. Built with high-grade components and internally powered by 18 volts, The Warden has gobs of gain and sustain on tap. With total control over attack, release, sustain, and ratio, The Warden delivers everything from heavy squash with quick attack and release to super-subtle compression.



  • Warm, characterful optical compression with tons of control:
    • Tone: The Warden can mildly color your tone; dial in coloration to taste:
      • Counterclockwise is treble cut, clockwise is treble boost
      • Around 11 o’clock, the tone is nearly flat
    • Level: controls the overall output and is affected by the sustain and ratio settings
    • Sustain: controls how hot the signal is, which changes the dynamics of the compression
    • Ratio: determines how much the gain reduction affects your signal:
      • All the way up is full compression
      • The compression is reduced as you turn the knob counterclockwise
    • Attack: controls how quickly the compressor reacts and starts leveling the signal:
      • All the way counterclockwise is a fast, nearly immediate reaction
      • Turning the attack clockwise slows the reaction time
    • Release: controls recovery, as determined by the sustain and ratio settings
  • True bypass
  • Requires standard 9-volt DC power supply with 2.1mm negative-center barrel
  • Handcrafted in EarthQuaker’s Akron, Ohio, factory


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