EarthQuaker Devices Fuzz Master General


Sculpt, craft, and create your ideal fuzz sound with the EarthQuaker Devices Fuzz Master General octave fuzz pedal. This compact pedal serves up a trio of voicings that cover all types of classic fuzz tones. Choose between germanium diodes for an open and loose sound, silicon diodes for a tighter and more compressed tone, or no diodes for an almost clean octave-up sound. The octave effect doubles your sound an octave up and really shines when you play above the 12th fret. Further tweak your sound with the powerful Tone and Fuzz controls.



  • Octave fuzz pedal with a wide range of gain
  • 3-way voice switch selects germanium diode, silicon diodes, and no diodes mode
  • Expand your tonal range with this pedal’s upper octave
  • Soft-touch, true-bypass switch for silent switching
  • Compact size is perfect for any pedalboard
  • Requires 9-volt DC power supply (sold separately)


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