EarthQuaker Devices Arrows Preamp Booster Pedal


Push your signal to perfection with the EarthQuaker Devices Arrows boost pedal. This single knob, easy-to-use pedal delivers improved tone and higher gain. Arrows is perfect for adding a clean boost to your amp, driving it over the edge, or pushing your overdrive pedals further into sonic bliss. As you turn the knob clockwise it boosts your mids, adds sparkle to the high end, and tightens up the bass. It’s the perfect remedy for muddy pedals that kill your tone but offer killer fuzz or distortion.



  • All-discrete preamp pedal
  • Turning up the pedal adds gain, boosts midrange, tightens up the low end, and adds sparkle to the high end
  • Single control makes it easy to use and dial in
  • Perfect for adding clarity to muddy pedals or pushing overdrives harder
  • Soft-touch, true-bypass switch for silent switching
  • Compact size is perfect for any pedalboard
  • Requires 9-volt DC power supply (sold separately)


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