BSM Finest Treble Booster RPA California (Used)


With the level control turned up to the max, the RPA Major delivers an output level of 8 volts (!!!), which can kill most modulation stompboxes with electronical CMOS switching like delay, chorus etc. that are connected after the RPA Major in the signal chain. So please only use the RPA Major with full level directly into your tube amp. If you want to connect some stompboxes after the RPA Major, reduce the level to 50% to be on the safe side.

*** This used pedal is relatively tough to come by, and it’s in very good condition! If you have any questions, please feel free to message us! ***

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The BSM RPA “Major” model is the answer to many customer calls, demanding the hard, agressive Ritchie Blackmore stage sound of the 70´s, without the need to get their amp heavily modified. The RPA Major offers a lot more gain compared to the stock RPA model with tons of crunch and a higher level of agressivity … something that fits the modern Metal scene as well.


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