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Strings, Picks, Capos and Slides!

World Music Nashville stocks the most popular strings and accessories for guitar, 12 string guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, dobro and orchestral string instruments. In addition, we have a wide selection of musical accessories as well. They include,  guitar picks, capos, bridge pins, instrument polish, straps, slides, rosin, tuners, and a wide selection of instrument care tools and cleaners to keep your instrument performing its best. World Music Nashville has the selection of musical strings and accessories you need to keep making the music you love. It is our goal to stock the items you need at very competitive prices. If you are unable to locate the item you’re looking for, contact us and we’ll help you find it. We have access to the full line over 50 brands for quick delivery. We can even get those hard to find strings and accessories for ethnic, antique, and folk instruments.

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Replacement Parts, and Custom Components

World Music Nashville is one of the largest stocking ALLPARTS dealers in Middle Tennessee! Guitar tech's repair shops, and luthiers from around the region trust the quality of ALLPARTS and enjoy the large selection of on the wall parts available in out store. In addition, over 7,000 products are on hand at their distribution center in Houston TX.  In addition, we are able to provide repair parts from Fender,  ABM, Bartolini, Bigsby, CTS, CRL-CentraLab, Danelectro, Dice Knobs, Dunlop, Gotoh, Graph Tech, Grover, Guiran, Hipshot, Lace Pickups, Moses, Oak Grigsby, Razor, Schaller, SovTek, Sperzel, Switchcraft, TonePros® and Wilkinson brand products.

Though we do not normally stock a lot of "hot rod" pickups, custom necks and pick guards, we do keep some of the more popular in stock and can special order most any part you may need.



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Fender Neck

Installation is available on all products we sell as well as full repair and custom guitar mods.

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Acoustic Instrument Pickups and Preamps



Studio Mic'd Sound Wherever You Perform

The Award-winning Anthem series, featuring our patented TRU•MIC technology, seamlessly combines a proprietary condenser microphone with our acclaimed Element pickup to deliver the warmth and fidelity of a studio-mic’d guitar anywhere you perform.


At the heart of the Anthem is a revolutionary microphone engineered to capture a dynamic studio-mic’d sound for any live performance. The TRU•MIC mounts to the underside of the bridge plate and hovers just 3 mm above its surface to take advantage of the PZM or “boundary” effect. This proprietary mounting system, combined with noise cancellation, frees the mic to perform as if it were outside of the guitar in a studio and maintain remarkable feedback suppression for the stage. The result is a balanced frequency response with excellent clarity for the purest sound you have ever heard amplified. We have paired the Element pickup with the TRU•MIC to provide solidity and punch for low frequencies.


Beyond Pickups. Beyond Compare.

There's no argument that a microphone is the best way to capture the sound of an acoustic guitar, but until now, using a microphone for most live performances has been an elusive dream. Lyric, the next step in TRU•MIC technology, is the long overdue realization of this dream. Without a pickup, Lyric’s microphone accurately transports your guitar's actual voice to a live audience for the most realistic and inspiring sound you will ever experience.


Our featherweight microphone, each high-graded for ideal response, mounts to the underside of the bridge plate with simple peel-and-stick adhesive to preserve the integrity of your instrument. The microphone leverages the “pressure-zone” principle by positioning the capsule just 3mm from the surface of the top to hear the entire soundboard for even balance and tone. And the microphone’s proximity to the top allows high gain before feedback. Unlike other attempts to use an internal microphone, Lyric employs noise canceling technology that rejects “boxy” reflections inside of the acoustic chamber. This patented minor miracle enables the mic to act as if it were outside of the guitar delivering a clear and open performance.


In a studio, you would have to use an entire rack of gear to achieve what we have built into Lyric’s tiny circuit board. Our lead engineer, Tommy Linn, created several “black box” circuit innovations that unlock the potential of the microphone. The first tightens the lower frequencies for a punchier attack with natural dynamics. The second maintains the microphone’s sweetness no matter how hard you play. The third innovation is an adjustable “presence” control that dials high frequency response perfectly for your guitar. Wrap all of this in all discrete, high-fidelity mic pre and you have a world class microphone system as an integral part of your guitar anywhere you plug in.



Leveraging the unitary design that made our Violin Pickup a staple for thousands of performing musicians, we now mold our same miniature vibration sensor directly into a 5/8” banjo bridge.


Our Violin Pickup is a miniature vibration sensor cast directly into a Superieur Despiau “Two Tree” maple bridge for maximum sensitivity and signal transfer. As an integral part of the bridge, it effortlessly captures the instrument’s inherent dynamics.


The Radius mandolin pickup is a hi-tech contact sensor that was designed to emulate the sound of a mic without the instability associated with microphones.


The FIVE.O is small, light-weight, and best of all, specifically engineered to track the uke’s unmistakably unique voice.

Lr Baggs Venue Di Acoustic Guitar Preamp 4



Every Tool You Need in One Acoustic Pedal

We created the Venue DI so you can travel light, set up fast and sound incredible anywhere you plug in. The Venue DI gives you complete control by combining a full-isolation DI output, 5-band EQ with adjustable low & hi-mid bands, variable clean boost and chromatic tuner all in one acoustic pedal. With its all-discrete signal path, hi-graded semiconductors and exclusive use of audiophile grade film capacitors, the Venue DI is on par with the world’s elite preamps and provides a studio quality sound for the stage.

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World Music Nashville Stocks Fishman Pickups, Electronics and Amps

Product Overview by Series

Series Accessories

Accessories & Tuners

Created to complement and expand the functionality of your Fishman products, our music accessories are designed to the same professional standards of sound quality and performance as all Fishman products.

Series Aura


Fishman Aura® preamps and onboard Imaging Systems go beyond modeling to create a spacious sound that is both vivid and natural.

Series Classic


The Fishman Classic series represents a broad array of pickup styles and fitments for mandolins, banjos, resonators, violins and more.

Series Ellipse


Fishman Ellipse soundhole-mounted control modules offer the highest level of on-board tone shaping available. Unobtrusive, yet within easy grasp, they are ergonomically designed for easy access to all functions.

Series Ag


Offering great value and sound, the AG-Series are our classic undersaddle ceramic guitar pickups. They do not require a battery and can be plugged directly into the amp of your choice.

Series Blackstack


The vintage sound of a humbucking magnetic pickup is now available in a modern, battery-free design.

Series Concert


Fishman Concert series bridge pickups feature a piezo-ceramic pickup element integrated into a high quality Despiau bridge. They deliver a natural and full tone that is never screechy or harsh.

Series Nashville


The Fishman Nashville series pickups are our newest and best pickups for mandolins and resonator guitars. They are designed to suit modern signal chains, amplifiers and Aura®Imaging Systems.

Series Sbt


Pianos, harps, drums, “found objects” and more… If you’re looking to amplify anything that vibrates, a Fishman soundboard transducer will get the job done.

Series Tripleplay


Unlock your guitar’s potential with TriplePlay, the wireless MIDI controller from Fishman that puts an unlimited palette of instruments and sounds at your fingertips.

Series Rareearth

Rare Earth

Equipped with cutting-edge neodymium magnets, these pickups offer a warmer, more natural acoustic tone, along with exceptional accuracy and increased musicality.

Series Loudbox


Fishman Loudbox amplifiers are created with that same sense of musicality and accuracy, that’s why more players choose Fishman Loudbox amplifiers than any other.*

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